Welcome to the Utah energy tax credit portal.  We are accepting applications for the tax credit programs listed below.  Log in or click Register in the upper right corner to get started.

Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit 

  • Solar PV systems installed on your home or business.  
  • Other eligible renewable resources include Wind, Geothermal, Thermal-Solar & more.  

Commercial Tax Credits for Infrastructure and Alternative Energy Projects

  • The High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax incentive designed to boost investment for qualifying infrastructure projects.
  • The Alternative Energy Development Incentive is a non-refundable tax credit designed to advance alternative energy production projects.

Production Tax Credit for Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Projects

Well Recompletion or Workover Severance Tax Credit
A non-refundable severance tax credit for operators that conduct a well recompletion or workover. 

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